Rust story

I have been taking psychiatric drugs for about 5 years, during this time the drugs made me gain 40kg. My weight has always been 55kg almost my entire adult life. Now, at 41 years old, I have gained about 40 kg because of psychiatric drugs.

I feel very unhappy. From time to time the drugs cause me to have strange visions, I never have experienced this before taking the medication, neither I did on the occasions when I stopped the medication, I normally experience it when they give me a triple dose by injections. When this happens I feel general dizziness, more nervous and disconnected, I don’t know what is going on around me, I feel great sadness, and above all, sexual impotence at levels of chemical castration. 

I am a woman and I’m worried about the possible side effects or damage that these drugs could cause to my future children, this kind of thing could happen not just in women but also in men taking these drugs, it’s a great risk of damage to the fetus. These drugs cause high prolactin levels in your body that can lead to a brain tumor and DNA alterations. 

I have suffered tortures even in cases when I was voluntarily committed (when I had problems to sleep or suffered from anxiety).

Excluding the fact that they were using very bad manners to me like treating me as an idiot, speaking contemptuously to me, they have tied me up and left me like this for days, without water and food, and if I called the nurses they did not come either, getting to have real problems when having the urge to go to the toilet because I only had one free hand…They follow this protocol at Ramón y Cajal Hospital, Madrid, Spain. They didn’t allow my family to visit me. It was horrible, I spent 4 days like this. In order to get some food from them, I told them I would swallow the pills at the condition to have some food, and so they brought me some ham and cheese. To get some water I bribed the cleaning man with money, the doctors or nurses didn’t even notice because they were never there. 4 days later when my mother came, she picked up the bedpan and complained about my situation. They told her that I was the one who didn’t want to eat, a very big lie. When I decided to try to commit suicide by trying to stop my heart I even had the fear they could use my organs for trafficking, two doctors came, took my pulse and looked at each other and asked me if I had palpitations or something and I said that I was fine. Then they finally took me away from there. I came to the point to fear for my life and I have never received such great mistreatment… That was torture and it happened, here, in Madrid. I can recognize the doctors ( two women and a man) who did it.