Mario. Canarias (Spain). Victim of antipsychotics

Sum up:

Mario has taken antipsychotics for about 5 years.

The medication he has taken for the past 3 years is called Trevicta 525 mg, in a form of injection, lib prol 2,625 ml (paliperidone 525 mg / jer 1 intramuscular injection.)

Full story: 

I consider myself a victim of psychiatry. I have been taking antipsychotics for over 5 years. In the last 3 years and eight months, I took them continuously in injectable form. The injection, one every 3 months is a violent way used to force patients to take drugs against their will. The Pharmaceutical industry also makes a lot of money out of it.

I suffer violence from my psychiatrist and even from my family, if I don’t get the injection they lock me up in the hospital with the help of the police until I give up and start taking them again.

I have been locked up in a hospital unit even though I was psychologically well, just because I refuse to take what they call medication.
For example, I remember how my life was before; before I was locked up in a psychiatric unit for a month, I had met a girl, I had been with her for several months as a couple, I had a normal and beautiful relationship with her, I dedicated myself to enjoying the summer, I did yoga and in general my state of mental health was acceptable. Nothing justified that admission in the hospital but the fact that I didn’t want to take what they call medication (the antipsychotics).

Since summer 2019 and after more than 4 years taking antipsychotics, I have spasms on my face. I have dyskinesia and dystonia. I have severe pain in my chin and on one side of my face and muscle pain is in the 40% of my face. Dyskinesia is spasms on the face, although they can hit the legs or hands, and dystonia is violent spasms, in my case where I have seizures, in my case from top to bottom of the head. I have a bunch of problems and sometimes I speak with difficulty. I’ve also had spasms in my knees for months, every day. Other symptoms that I have suffered are akathisia, it is a real hell to suffer it, and insomnia and of course short-term and long-term memory problems. Since taking antipsychotics I could say that my intellectual capacity has decreased. I have much less ability to study and I would even say that my IQ has decreased dramatically. I have gone from being a successful university graduate to being a person who today would not be able to take even a single subject from a university career and I owe all that to antipsychotics. Don’t be fooled, it is not because of any mental illness.

Antipsychotics have no therapeutic effect on any person, there was never a scientific discovery to demonstrate their therapeutic or beneficial character. They simply published a few articles in United States newspapers in 1954 saying that antipsychotics were wonderful and that they cured people of their delusions and hallucinations. Saying that the people who took them were back to normal lives, all lies. Psychiatrists knew that delusions, obsessions, and even hallucinations continued in patients despite taking antipsychotics. Antipsychotics like other psychiatric drugs are a marketing product and a huge fraud whereby people are locked up using the police for not taking them. 98% of psychiatrists would say they are good, they lie, 2% of them will admit that they do not serve to control thoughts but that their use is therapeutic because they relax people, they also lie. The antipsychotic impairs all your intellectual abilities, causes apathy, and prevents you from studying or working normally, all these bad states psychiatrists attribute to your mental illness, but in reality, the discomfort is caused by the antipsychotic itself. Most people who take them would not be apathetic if they did not take these antipsychotics.

Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, and many psychologists have become complicit in psychiatric violence.

I am researching the effect of psychiatric drugs on people, and I have found studies that claim that antipsychotics, antidepressants, and benzodiazepines have a high potential to cause dementia. I think that society and the medical profession, in general, do not give enough importance to these studies, nor there is a good awareness about it. I think the fact that the majority of the population believes that psychiatric medications are good for patients is due to the powerful marketing of pharmaceutical companies. In the end, it is as if it were a religion. People have the belief that psychiatric medications are good but that has never been scientifically proven in any of the treatments for any of the mental illnesses. Psychiatric drugs are just vulgar legal drugs.
I believe that treatments for people with emotional problems should be free and without coercion and that no one should be forced to take psychiatric drugs. The Spanish State exercises violence, psychiatry exercises violence, the police exercise violence and violates the human rights of psychiatric patients.

Lastly, but not less important, I want to say that Dr.Joanna Moncrieff, an important expert in the field, says that 20% of people who take antipsychotics end up suffering from dyskinesia and that dyskinesia indicates that the brain and the nervous system have collapsed so that the person will end up suffering from dyskinesia for all his life and later on dementia. If you have read till here, please consider it. If you are a politician, I want to tell you that your inaction and probably your point of view on mental illness makes you an accomplice to the violation of human rights by Psychiatry. Locking up a person in a psychiatric center against his will is as aberrational as slavery.