Lucinda Meyer Story

The CURE is the cause

Hi my name is Lucinda.

I was asked to share my story.  Tho My story isn’t over yet. 

4 years ago I took cepro for an infection. That I later found out I did not have 🤬

I started feeling off.  Hyper, clumsy , horrible stomach problems. 

Agitated , not sleeping.  Starting to worry. So off to the doctors.

I also took lexapro for years. 10 mg.  Upped to 20 when this started. 

I have hashimotos. 

Anyway, I wound up in a mental hospital. Where I was given about 7 drugs I don’t remember much after that visit.

Stopped all but the ssri and the Xanax. Doctors orders always

I was given Xanax. 1 mg at night for sleep.  I took it for 8 months

In that time I became a shell of myself. 

I was experiencing things I didn’t know a human being could feel terror and pain fire pain.

The confusion and panic is not human. Extreme.

I was not one to suffer with fear; this was all new to me. Awful

I started complaining a lot going to doctors not one thought it might be the Xanax.

I didn’t know what was happening to me. 

I was a happy 55 year old grandmother with a new one on the way. ❤️

I could no longer go anywhere. 

I became extremely paranoid , confused.  Agoraphobia was setting in. Pain lots of pain

I got so bad I couldn’t drive.

I couldn’t turn the car on 😱

The doctor said to just stop my medications

. So I did 😳😱

My life ended that day

The horrors I have experienced are not even human

Terrifying brutal pain.

So many symptoms all at once. 

I’m disabled. 

I have no help. No doctor !!!!

Nothing helps this pain. Nothing.

I haven’t left my house in almost 4 years !!!!! 

I lost everything and everyone I loved.

My daughter doesn’t understand that she feels abandoned.

I have not met my new grandBaby.  Heartbreaking 💔

I love my family.

I haven’t seen anyone in almost 4 years.

Yes I live with my husband but we are in separate rooms he too does not understand.

Everyone’s so angry with me.

I am to disabled. Getting the mail is a battle.

My heart is broken now too.

There’s no help for us. 

Our families get angry because there’s no prof 🤦‍♀️

They think we are just mentally ill now.

I was diagnosed wrongly.

Most of us are.  Dementia to bi polar. Or Parkinson’s.  😰 MS. So many wrong diagnoses!

The treatment was the cause !

Most people take the word of the doctors over anyone. 

By my doctor saying I couldn’t be injured. 

Well. That sealed my fate.

The side effects are not known to my doctors apparently. 

When I called to say I couldn’t get in my car they didn’t believe me 😞

I called every doctor up here. Nothing.

No one even knew what Akathisia was 😦

The damage is inhumane. 

The denial is devastating

I do not know how I am still standing.

Lost over 70 lbs , most of my hair ,teeth crumbling from the tremors. 

The neuropathy alone makes me want to die. Panic ! panic ! panic 🤯

24/7 torture chamber of a body

I have been off completely for 34 months now. 

Protracted 😔😢🙏🏻

Still in distress

Alone and scared. I am afraid for my life.  Why ?

Because no one seems to know about this.

Did I tell you I had seizures ?

I can not work.

No cooking

no anything but pacing ,pacing crying. It’s horrible

My marriage is over, his therapist told him I should be just fine after 4 weeks.  He believes her 😢😔

Imagine not being able to see ,smell, taste , a noise in your head That is just screaming.

Your heart pounding so hard it feels like it’s going to explode. 

Being burned over half your body.

The feeling of third degree burns everywhere.

Burned and blistered.

Showers feel like sharp shards of glass

I have not been able to relax in 4 years !

Bending your knees makes you scream.

I had to crawl. Some can’t get up at all 😔

The feeling of ripping

Not being able to do anything but panic and cry out. 

Pace and pace and pace .

my legs are destroyed by constant movements. So painful it never stops 😢

I have akathisia. Please look it up. 

There are no words evil enough to even qualify to describe this.

We are dying. We are suffering 🥺

Please hear us

please believe us. 

Please please learn. 

The lack of knowledge is destroying us.

No one should ever have to suffer like this.

It destroyed me mentally ,physically and spiritually 

I have nothing left.

Because my providers do not know about this injury. 

Without backup and support we can not survive.

If I were forced to leave my home today.

I would not make it out there.

I would not be able to function.

I’m like a child

so scary ..terrifying

My system is so damaged that I can not even watch tv.

Stimulation is not my friend.

I fear the world because it doesn’t know.

My Akathisia would look agitated, maybe even threatening.

Many of us have been strapped down and drugged with the very drug that did this !

That’s the worst thing you can do to a person with akathisia!

I am not violent.

I’m scared

I can’t control the movement.

The pain is screaming constantly.

You can see it.

Why don’t they believe it ?

All this because I needed help sleeping.