Name of the campaign :

«Victims of psychiatric drugs speak out»

Campaign slogans :

«Listen to our voices» 

«The victims speak out»

«Psychiatry kills»


To denounce in the Spanish and Irish parliament the damage that psychiatric drugs cause to people’s health.

We will collect real stories from people who want to make their problem public and ask for: 

– Better follow-up guidelines for people who are under psychiatric prescription

– No one should be forced to take psychiatric drugs against their will.

– The GP or Psychiatrist always has to inform the patient of the damage that psychiatric drugs can cause at the time treatment is started and they will help discontinuation (stop them little by little) if the patient decides to stop taking them.


Psychiatric drugs harm the physical and mental health of the people who take them, even causing dementia and many other health problems. 

For example, antipsychotics cause dementia in 20% of people who take them, and antidepressants and benzodiazepines increase the likelihood of dementia by 50%.

Stories of people who are victims of psychiatric drugs :

(Some of the names have been changed to protect people’s privacy, but all are real cases).

Pistón. Galicia«Antipsychotics cause me spasms and constant restlessness. I have two diseases that usually go together, dyskinesia and akathisia».

Silenced Angel. «I have facial paralysis from taking antipsychotics that first started with an acute headache, I also have problems swallowing. They have disabled me, if I don’t get the injection they lock me up in the psychiatric ward».

Angela. Colombia. “In eight years my mother went from having a normal brain without damage to a brain with dementia. Dementia was induced by psychiatric drugs, antipsychotics, and antidepressants. My mother is a victim of psychiatry and I ask for justice in her honor».

Masu. Tenerife«I took antipsychotics for years and now I have permanent spasms on my face that don’t go away with anything. My disease is spasms, there is not a cure or treatment for this».

AlfonsoGran Canaria«I have spasms in my hands because they force me to take antipsychotics. Furthermore, I have been legally incapacitated. When I was disabled, I had no lawyer to defend me».

Luis. Gerona. «I became a lawyer to defend my son. They wanted to take him from me as I was against him taking ADHD drugs».

Pilar. Girona«They gave me an antidepressant that produced hallucinations, skin rashes, insomnia, and spasms».

Federico. Costa Rica. «Antipsychotics prevented me from completing the 2 college degrees I studied».

Manuel. Barcelona. «Amphetamines for ADHD keep me from sleeping well and focusing on my studies».

Elena. Bogotá. «Antipsychotics made my mother’s Alzheimer’s worse».

Miriam. Murcia«When I quit benzodiazepines my legs burned, I became addicted».

Tania. Quito. «Antipsychotics cause me swallowing problems and speech difficulties, I have been disabled for life».

Lucinda Meyer. «My sin was not being able to sleep because of it I was prescribed benzodiazepines that caused me akathisia. It’s constant torture throughout the body. They are constant tremors and general restlessness ».

Pedro. Barcelona. «Antidepressants caused me sexual impotence».

More information. Watch video.

Mario Canarias. «I stopped taking antipsychotics because they caused painful spasms in my face and legs».

Alexandra. Lerida. «When I stopped taking the benzodiazepines, all my muscles became stiff. The withdrawal process was hell».

Jordi. Alicante. 35 years old. «Antipsychotics have caused me serious memory problems, so severe that I couldn’t even speak for months. I have suffered from akathisia, the cruelest of diseases caused by antipsychotics, today I still have problems eating and swallowing because of antipsychotics. I have also suffered from insomnia. Despite everything, I managed to finish the university career and now I am looking for a job »

Piesdescalzos. «…my brain began to get empty, the information went away as soon as it passed through my head until my brain was completely empty. I forgot everything, all the words I was hearing were new to me».

Rust. «I have gained 40 kilos of weight for having to take antipsychotics, I suffer from sexual impotence. I have suffered physical abuse staying 4 days tied up in the hospital without eating».

Jessica. Colombia. » I’m a carer of my mother. She improved her health taking off all the psychiatric drugs that she had been taking for so many years and was greatly damaging her health. Her quality of life has improved also with a good diet, vitamins & supplements, coconut oil, medicinal plant extracts, physical, mental, occupational, and emotional activity. she is now 4 years off psychiatric drugs, and not even taking insulin for diabetes».


1. About the adverse effects of antidepressants:

See article 1.

2. About dementia induced by antipsychotics. Joanna Moncrieff and Peter Gotzsche.

A straight Talking. From Johana Moncrief.

Summary. Chapter 4, page 80 of «A straight-talking introduction of Psychiatric drugs. Antipsychotics cause dyskinesia and dementia in 20% of people who take them when taken long-term.

See article 2.

3. A general talk about health damage of psychiatric drugs by Peter Breggin.

See article 3.

4. Antidepressants cause dementia.

The NCBI (United States National Center for Biotechnology Information) and Peter Gotzsche claim that antidepressants cause dementia.

According to Peter Gotzsche on page 234 of his book Killing Psychotropic Drugs and Organized Denial, both antidepressants and benzodiazepines both increase the chance of getting dementia by 50%. (Statistic calculated when taken separately).

See article 4.

5. Benzodiazepines increase the risk of dementia, this was observed in patients who took them for more than three years. Both Gotzsche and NCBI affirm this fact.

Article 5.

Content for Facebook and the website.

From the Facebook group «Libertad y empoderamiento» we want to carry out a campaign to denounce the harm that psychiatric drugs cause. We want to take our stories to the Spanish Parliament and we will also support a counterpart initiative promoted in Ireland by Stephen’s Voice campaign, also brought to the Irish Parliament. We have already sent stories to the Spanish Ombudsman and now we ask you to send us yours as support, it is very important to achieve worthy improvements in the administration and management policies of these drugs and avoid further damage to public health. About 500,000 people die each year between the United States and Europe from psychiatric drug use.

In addition to these deaths, people have suffered damage not only to their physical health but also to their mental health.

We have stories that confirm that psychiatric medications can damage your health, from:

  • Heart attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Painful spasms in the hands, face, or legs
  • Parkison
  • Addiction problems
  • Facial paralysis
  • Speech or swallowing problems
  • Sexual impotence
  • etc…

There is no doubt that psychiatric drugs are dangerous, the list of harm falls short. To what extent is it worth taking the risk? Is it worth having dementia at age 70 or earlier for using psychiatric drugs? Where’s the profit here?

Doctors like Peter Gotzsche and psychiatrists like Peter Breggin or Johana Moncrief have publicly denounced the dangers of these drugs.

Help us raise awareness.

Send your story to the mail:

Tell us: 

1 / How long have you been taking psychiatric drugs?

2 / How were you before taking them?

3 / How were you while you took them?

4 / How were you after coming off them if you did?

5 / Tell us what drugs you were taking and at what times. 

6 / Tell us about the damage they caused you. Did you have a hard withdrawal period?

You can collaborate in two ways: 

1 / Using a pseudonym.

2 / Providing us with your information (name, surname, and email) and authorizing us to give this information to congressmen from the Spanish government and the Irish government.

In turn, we will share the information with the page so that they do the same in the Irish country.

Be brave, a change in Spain and others countries is still possible!