Angela Story. Daughter of a victim of psychiatry

Sum up:

Ángela is Spanish citizen living in Colombia.

This is the story of her mum:

“My mother was prescribed antipsychotics by a psychiatrist who, in a pseudoscientific way,  diagnosed her with obsessive-compulsive behavior due to her rigid religious beliefs. She had a facial embolism a week after starting to take them.

The doctor who attends her in the emergency department wrote in the medical report that my mother was hypersensitive to antipsychotics.

My mother had had a CT(computed tomography) before entering her psychiatrist’s office for the first time in her life and the results said that her brain was fine and normal. So it was clear that antipsychotics hurt her in just one week of treatment, despite this she was forced to take antipsychotics for the following year until she first went to a neurologist’s office who prescribed her more antipsychotics and an antidepressant, among other things. 

Eight years later my mother died of dementia, dementia induced by psychiatric drugs. Since then I have been an activist who, like many others, wants to open a rigorous scientific debate in society about the negative impact of psychiatric drugs in the brain and its relation with dementia»

Full story: 

My name is Ángela, I’m from Spain and currently living in Colombia.

In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Behavior.

The psychiatrist made the diagnosis based on the information my mother gave her about what she liked to do in her life and her spiritual beliefs. My mother told her about the importance of faith in her life and what meant for her having faith in God.

The diagnosis was «rigid religious beliefs «. This was enough to prescribe her with the drugs Haloperidol, Quetiapine and Zyprexa. (All three antipsychotics).

Before the consultation with the psychiatrist, she underwent a CT scan where the doctor certified that her brain was well, within normal limits, so, what was the point in giving her the drugs?

A week after taking the antipsychotics, my mother suffered a facial embolism.

In the emergency room, the doctor wrote a document warning that the patient was hypersensitive to neuroleptics (antipsychotics) and put her on an urgent waiting list with the neurologist (SHE WAS ATTENDED IN CONSULTATION ONE YEAR LATER !).

Meanwhile, upon leaving the hospital, the psychiatrist continued prescribing her antipsychotics.  It was a year of brutal physical and cognitive decline. She had nightmares, woke up screaming at night, her eyes seemed to pop out, she panicked. In the middle of all this, they also gave her Risperdal drops, at that moment she felt her legs freeze so they stopped the medication.

When my mum finally got to see the neurologist, after one year waiting for the appointment, all the previous reports written by the doctor about her hypersensitivity to antipsychotics were worthless and the neurologist put her in the Alzheimer’s protocol and prescribed her Quetiapine and Exolon in addition to Trazodone (antidepressant). 

So the tests like the CT that showed she didn’t have any physical problems, no trace of stroke, atrophy, clot, or beta-amyloid plaques, What was that for?

What about the doctor’s report where it was clear that my mother did not tolerate antipsychotics?

I wasn’t familiar with dementia at that time, I was a therapist but I was a witness to my mother’s alarming changes. You end up believing what the doctor tells you. Until 2014, my mother suffered 28 emergency admissions because she was catatonic and also got pneumonia. 

In five years she gained weight, her chest increased, she suffered from dry mouth, cataracts appeared, her face expression changed, was extremely sedated, got mobility problems, she fell constantly, her legs did not respond, got chronic constipation, problems speaking, no gesticulation, stiffness, Parkinson’s, and ultimately dysphagia. Also dyskinesia.

In January 2014 I finally understood why she was in this situation despite the doctor always telling me the same story: it is the disease.

I read everything I could about dementia, contacted Dr. Mary Newport. I took my mum home, I took away all the drugs and made a dietary change and supplemented with vitamins and minerals in addition to coconut oil as good fats.

My mother had become a medicated monster. The doctors avoided me when they found out that I didn’t want to give her antipsychotics anymore.

After two and a half years, a rash and swelling appeared on her hands, the doctor did not even examine her, saying that it could be something viral or pneumonia or urinary infection, then prescribed her Clavulonic Amoxicillin and told me to tell them if she did not improve within three days they would give her another antibiotic. After four days I was the one who took her to the hospital when I saw that she was getting worse. Surprise, liver problems, elevated transaminases. She was admitted to a hospital on March 7th, 2017 and it wasn’t till March 23rd when they did an ultrasound because I insisted too much. The ultrasound showed that she had sand in her gallbladder. The doctors didn’t check her more, no ICU, no any other examinations.

I struggled to ask them to stop giving her Paracetamol which is contraindicated in severe liver problems. 

They only gave her the acid for the gallbladder stones, nothing else. They let her die, of course. The report of the hepatologist said: Clavulanic Amoxicillin Fulminant Toxic Hepatitis.

A day before her death they gave her Scopolamine, Milazolam, and Morphine without my consent.  They gave me a medical certificate like nothing had happened. The diagnosis was Lewy body dementia.

Her dementia was drug induced, a murder. 

Since then I have been an activist and spread the genocide of the medicine in the elderly, inducing them to dementia with the promise of improving or curing this famous “chemical deficit”. And do not forget when you get into this mental health mafia, the control, and harassment you suffer. Some of my talks were coerced in exchange for not talking about pharmaceuticals and drugs. The press, the media, everything is corrupted.

My mother was killed in life by the selfishness of Psychiatry supported by doctors and neurologists.

In honor of my beloved mother murdered with impunity by a medicine that says that cures but instead kills people.